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Whole industry needs to get act together on F-Gas​

February 2016

MS-Refcom-Logo-F-Gas-CertificatedThe whole cooling supply chain needs to take more action more quickly if the industry is to head off a supply and demand crisis over the upcoming F-Gas phase downs.

That is the message from RAC’s Retail Question Time, where experts warned again that dramatic drops in the European quota of HFCs refrigerant in the next five years would catch the UK industry out, if they did not carefully plan moves towards lower-GWP refrigerants.

Consultant Ray Gluckman, who has worked with industry body Epee on modelling likely scenarios across Europe over the next five years stressed that the industry shouldn’t ‘sit back and wait for the bans’ but should be proactive.

He said: “The forecast is feasible but challenging – and we need lots of different stakeholders to be taking action. The early signs are that not enough of the people on the list of stakeholders are taking action. “

The fact that the Epee list effectively leaves details the whole of the cooling industry – end users; contractors; manufacturers and suppliers; the refrigerant supply chain for recovery and reclaim; and the bodies who will train and create the standards – underlines how the supply chain will need to work together…

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