Creating a Better Environment


April 2020

Update for the COVID-19 government restrictions. As the situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus continues to develop, we are advising you of our precautions to help contain the virus and comply with the latest government guidelines for social interaction between people.

To help comply with this temporarily requirement, we are asking customers to observe the latest guidance, by significantly limiting face-to-face interaction. For this reason, and to protect you and our employees. We are temporarily suspending all service visits to customer premises.

Once the government social distancing advise changes, we will contact you to reschedule the visits.

If you have a problem with the following site critical equipment, Server Room / Computer Room Cooling, systems supporting remote access, or food related refrigerated storage systems. In these circumstances, we will attend a call for assistance based on our standard terms and conditions.

We appreciate your understanding regarding the need to stop face-to-face interaction, and hope you remain safe and unaffected by the COVID-19 virus.