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526km Rajsathan Cycle Challenge Completed for Save the Children​

March 2014

Last Month you may have seen our post that Richard Booth was taking part in a gruelling 526km Ride through India in order to help raise money for Save The children, we are pleased to inform you that Richard and his team successfully completed challenge 3 – Well Done Richard!!!!

So what is it all about?

This is the third of three Mitsubishi Electric challenges with the participation of Mitsubishi Electric employees and our customers, this challenge being 20 people in total.

Challenge 1 – altitude walking for 250Km in Machu Picchu Peru – £79,455.75 raised.

Challenge 2 – a 520Km bike ride from Saigon Vietnam to Angkor Wat in Cambodia -£72,224.95 raised

Challenge 3 – this one being a 526Km bike ride in Rajasthan India starting off at theTaj Mahal and finishing in Jaipur – currently raised over £70,000.00

We caught up with Richard to hear how was doing after this amazing experience….


“A lot has happened along the way and I was thinking about how I could sum up the whole experience because it is or was not just about the cycling which was of course the reason for being here and the catalyst for raising money for Save the Children.
The whole experience was………………..
Seeing the poverty that exists in this country
The smiling faces of the kids when they see you
The stamina, energy and mindset required each day
The sleepless nights due to it being wedding season and the celebrations going on all night long, the dogs barking all night
The requirement to be careful about where you put your hands on anything and then touch your mouth, therefore sanitising was very important
The dirt and the dust
The unrelenting sound of vehicle horns
Dodging the potholes, the speed bumps, the goats, the pigs, the cows, the cars, the tractors, the lorries, the Tuk Tuk’s
The 7 crashes
The variation of the food
The not having 3 square meals a day
And finally the Delhi Belly that has on some days ripped through this team of people. Are we looking forward to getting home,? A resounding yes from everyone, do we regret it? Not one of us does.
A great big thanks to our ground crew who have been magnificent throughout”

We have been through some trials and tribulations, some ups and downs along the way. Matt who was the lead cyclist guide commented, and I paraphrase what he said ” we were the quickest group he has ever worked with for the distance we have covered, the team spirit and team ethos has been excellent throughout the whole journey and this was confirmed by the fact that the quicker people in the group waited for the slower ones right at the end and we crossed the line the way we started, as a team”