Creating a Better Environment

Whether you are looking for a New Air Conditioning Installation or Maintenance and Servicing of your current Air Conditioning System, COOLTECH is an industry leader and we are dedicated to keeping you cool.

Why Choose COOLTECH?

  • Extended warranties on new installations
  • Reduced hourly rates
  • Priority response in the event of system failure
  • Includes all standard service materials

In-house maintenance may be difficult to schedule, COOLTECH offers a fully computerised maintenance programme, which eliminates scheduling errors and missed visits. We also offer flexible working hours for sensitive operations.

Our contract customers – both public and private companies – are from a varied cross section of businesses, including commercial, retail, industrial, leisure and education.

We are members of the following consumer protection organisations:

  • Heating and Ventilation Contractors Association (HVCA)
  • National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC)
  • Construction Line

Membership of these organisations ensures a high standard of workmanship and if you need advice about your existing installation, we can help with that too.

Intimissimi – Bluwater Centre

Cooltech were chosen to install the new mechanical installation for the Calzedonia and Intimissimi Group’s Bluewater retail outlet, specializing in the ladies and gents beach, underwear and hosi...

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